Fatu’s Sleeper STI GRB

Sleeper WRX STI

Sleeper STI GRB It all started with a knock. Anyone familiar with Subaru’s will be familiar with the all-too-common big end bearing failure. Fatu and his 2008 WRX STI learnt about this failure the hard way, when the engine started making a loud knocking noise. We Proposed a standard engine rebuild, but Fatu had other ideas…

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Subaru Closed Deck vs Open Deck blocks


Subaru Engine Blocks When planning your Subaru EJ20 or EJ25 engine build, one of the most important factors to consider is the engine block. The power handling ability of a Subaru engine is often limited by the block. It’s important to choose a block that will suit you in the long term, so put some thought…

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How does PBMS ensure all our tuning is high quality?

Tuning gear

Industry in general Being in the Race and Tuning industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen many workshops and ‘experts’ come and go. There are only a handful of people in the country that have stood the test of time. Many have gone out of business due to inconsistent & poor quality or poor processes. What…

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Why use the best brake fluid available?


Why use the best brake fluid available? There’s a lot to know about brake technology, so we’ve got our good friend Mike from ProSport Auto on hand to delve into the subject. Mike is an expert in the field and has been designing and distributing premium brake componentry for over 5 years. First and foremost…

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Fuel Quality for Performance

Dyno tested comparison of 91 Octane and 98 Octane on Subaru 2008 S-GT. Red line - 98 and Blue line - 91.

Fuel Quality for Performance Often over-looked, fuel quality is a fundamental part of making reliable power on any engine. Petrol quality is measured by the ‘Octane number’ or ‘Octane rating’ that a fuel is given. What is Octane Rating? Described simply, Octane rating is the number or rating given to a fuel relating to it’s…

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