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Possum Bourne Motorsport Youtube

Possum Bourne Motorsport has gone live on Youtube! Actually, we’ve been online for a few years now. We’re just going to do more stuff, feature more content and show you more of what’s going on at Possum Bounre Motorsport. To celebrate, we’ve invited our favourite Youtube mates to come visit us… but there’s a catch.…

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Mazda Performance: NZ’s best all-round GTR

Mazda performance Gtr

The Legendary GTR represents the pinnacle of Mazda Performance. Matt’s Mazda GTR started life in 1992 as a rally-ready weapon and has just been turned into rocket by todays standards. Many years ago, DOHC turbo Mazdas were a staple in the New Zealand car scene. A combination of age, glass gearboxes, theft and the destructive nature of kiwi’s…

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Thomas’ Ultimate Street Evo


Thomas brought us his Evo 7 with a simple request. Build something fast, drivable with usable power and make it look little different. He was pretty pleased with the result, so take a look at what the PBMS team put together… With the freedom Thomas gave us, we drafted a plan for the build. The idea…

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What ECU should I use in my car?

Motec Plug in ECU

If you’re upgrading your car, then chances are you’re going to need to look at upgrading the ECU, or at least tuning it. What ECU should you use? Link, Motec, Haltech, Factory ECU reflash, Autronic, Life Racing, Chip tune…? There are countless ECUs on the market today. It can be confusing what brand, and even what…

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