How to create a Super Fun WRX STI


More power is not always the answer in building a fun-to-drive car! It’s easy to lose sight of what makes a car fun and enjoyable to drive on the road. Whilst there is no doubt having stupid amounts of power is exciting, it’s not always sensible, usable, affordable or reliable. Through the experience gained from…

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300KW stock STI block and bolt-on turbo!


The Magic 300! It wasn’t that long ago when producing 300kw was a massive deal, however advancements in engine, turbo and tuning technology have made this magic number very achievable. Lance originally came to us with his limited-edition 2005 WRX wanting a staunch and responsive power increase. The initial plan lead us to upgrade the tiny…

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Classic R32 GTR


When a something special rolls through the doors, the whole PBMS team crowds around to take a look. This 1993 manufactured GTR is an example of just that.   As it stands, the R32 is already a classic. With less than 65,000km on the clock and being in near-new condition, this one takes it to…

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Big Gain in Power for Low Cost on your Turbo Subaru

PBMS downpipe GRB / GVB Twin scroll EJ207

We’ve proven it time and time again, on countless models of turbo-charged Subaru. The PBMS Stage 2 Upgrade package for you turbo Subaru will unleash the potential your engine is capable of. There is no better value modification in improving power, response, drivability and even fuel economy. What is a PBMS Stage 2 Upgrade package?…

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Fatu’s Sleeper STI GRB

Sleeper WRX STI

Sleeper STI GRB It all started with a knock. Anyone familiar with Subaru’s will be familiar with the all-too-common big end bearing failure. Fatu and his 2008 WRX STI learnt about this failure the hard way, when the engine started making a loud knocking noise. We Proposed a standard engine rebuild, but Fatu had other ideas…

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