Thomas’ Ultimate Street Evo


Thomas brought us his Evo 7 with a simple request. Build something fast, drivable with usable power and make it look little different. He was pretty pleased with the result, so take a look at what the PBMS team put together… With the freedom Thomas gave us, we drafted a plan for the build. The idea…

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What ECU should I use in my car?

Motec Plug in ECU

If you’re upgrading your car, then chances are you’re going to need to look at upgrading the ECU, or at least tuning it. What ECU should you use? Link, Motec, Haltech, Factory ECU reflash, Autronic, Life Racing, Chip tune…? There are countless ECUs on the market today. It can be confusing what brand, and even what…

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What sized Subaru engine should I build?

EJ20 2.1L Stroker Engine

You’re looking at building a performance or motorsport Subaru engine. You’ve looked on the internet and seen the common 2.0L engines, the stroked 2.1L, the larger 2.5L engine and the de-stroked 2.35L builds. How do you know what you should build? We’ve built everything from high revving 1.8L EJ engines, right through to mega-displacement 2.7L…

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Turbo tech: How much boost is too much boost?

boost gauge

Another frequently asked question we get – How much boost should I run? Much like the question ‘How far can I push my factory engine?‘, This isn’t a completely straight forward answer. There are plenty of variables to consider. Before we start, what is boost and why would I want to run more of it? Boost…

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How far can I push my factory engine?

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked: How far can I push my stock block? And it’s actually a pretty difficult one to answer. We can look to experience. We can consider what results we’ve seen others achieve. BUT, we want to be able to give our customers and followers a confident…

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