ECUTEK & Racerom

Possum Bourne Motorsport are proud to use ECUTEK and ECUTEK RACEROM

EcuTek design and produce comprehensive ECU tuning, programming and diagnostics software, primarily for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles. EcuTek’s tuning software allows a true and clean recalibration of a vehicle’s standard engine management system, providing the most effective way to tune modern vehicles. Some of the largest names in the tuning industry choose EcuTek.


What is EcuTek?

EcuTek is one of the most advanced software on the market to tune factory ECUs. It allows us to modify the vehicles programming and change almost any running parameter within the ECU. We use this to improve the performance of your engine.

Using the ProECU Programming Kit, the ECUs of the following vehicles may be tuned, programmed and logged:

  • Subaru BRZ
  • Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S
  • Mazda 2005 onward MX-5 / Miata / Eunos 3rd Generation (NC) 1.8 and 2.0 litre petrol engines

The ECUs of the following vehicles may be programmed and logged:

  • Subaru DIT 2013 onward including Legacy, Forester XT and WRX models
  • Subaru 2004 onward turbocharged petrol vehicles with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
  • Subaru 2007 onward Subaru flat-four diesel vehicles
  • Mitsubishi Diesel 2006 onward including Triton, L200, Shogun, and Challenger models
  • Mitsubishi 2008 onward EVO X vehicles
  • Mitsubishi 2005 onward Colt CZT & Ralliart (except JDM Colt) and Smart ForFour Brabus
  • Mazda 2005 onward 3MPS, 6MPS, CX-7, 8MPV, Axela, MazdaSpeed vehicles with the MZR 2.3 litre turbocharged engine
  • Mazda 2015 onward MX-5 / Miata / Eunos 4rd Generation (ND) 1.5 and 2.0 litre SkyActive-G petrol engines
  • Mazda Diesel vehicles
  • Nissan GTR R35 vehicles. Programming of the Transmission Control Module is also supported.
  • Nissan Juke DiG-T
  • Nissan 2009 onwards 370Z, including Infinity EX37, G37, M37, Q40, Q50 and Q60.
  • Great Wall Steed/Wingle

The following vehicles are not supported by the ProECU Programming Kit:

  • Subaru vehicles requiring additional programming cable hardware. These include 1999-2003MY Subarus, as well as some later JDM Subarus up to 2007 with cable throttle control. (Note: Possum Bourne Motorsport has other tuning options for these vehicles)
  • Mitsubishi vehicles requiring additional programming cable hardware. These include Mitsubishi Evolution versions 5-9 and related variants. (Note: Possum Bourne Motorsport has other tuning options for these vehicles)

Possum Bourne Motorsport has the ability to tune a huge range of standard, modified and race engines using alternate software and ECUs. Please get in touch with us for more options.

What about the RaceROM features?

These features vary between models, but may include the following: