Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Subaru 97-00 GC8 WRX STI)


Available in black or silver.

Price includes the cost of freight, may require ordering from. Please contact us to enquire for purchase.

Core Size: 600 x 285 x 100mm

High flow polished cast aluminium end tanks

Shortest intercooler piping route of any front mounted intercooler on the market

Light weight CNC mandrel bent aluminium intercooler piping


Pushing the limits of your factory top mount intercooler?

If you have made modifications to your vehicle such as an upgraded turbo-back exhaust system with upgraded fuel, increased boost or an upgraded turbocharger then your factory top mount intercooler may not be robust enough.

Process West are recognised for producing some of the strongest intercoolers on the market and this front mount intercooler system is no exception – their main focus is design and excelling in quality parts. The intercooler core is a large 600 x 285 x 100mm bar and plate core that comes with lightweight CNC mandrel bent aluminium intercooler pipes.


  • Maximum air flow and greater distribution across the intercooler core is achieved through high-flow polished cast aluminium end tanks.
  • The cooling efficiency of the turbocharger is improved because the front mount intercooler provides the vehicle with larger surface coverage. This in turn reduces heat soak and allows the turbo to operate optimally.
  • It actually fits! Cheaper intercooler kits cost less to buy, but cost significantly more to fit, often requiring modification and can give poor results.


The advantage of this kit is that it will fit to the vehicle without making modifications to the kit or chassis. Necessary hardware as well as a blow off valve adaptor, high-grade silicone couplers and clamps are included in the kit making it one of he best off-the-shelf options for the 97-00 GC8 WRX STI on the market.

Trimming of the bumper is required.

This is intercooler is to fit the version 3, version 4, version 5 and version 6 WRX and STI. AKA V3, V4, V5 & V6 GC8 and GF8