Nistune – Factory Nissan ECU Tuning


Unlock the potential of your Nissan and it’s factory ECU, using Nistune!

Nistune allows PBMS to tune factory Nissan ECUs for optimal performance!

Possum Bourne Motorsport have teamed up with Nistune to offer tuning for selected Factory Nissan ECU controlled vehicles.

What is Nistune?

It’s a simple and incredibly effective solution for tuning a factory Nissan ECU. We modify the memory component of your factory ECU, so that it is laptop programmable.

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What benefits will a PBMS Stage 2 Upgrade package give me?

PBMS will install, setup and tune Nistune for the following improvements*:

  1. Allow your factory ECU to become tunable
  2. Improving fuel economy under cruise and regular driving conditions (that is, if you can control your right foot!)
  3. Improving engine and turbo response*
  4. Increasing engine torque and outright power*
  5. Launch control function on selected models

*Improvements will vary depending on the modifications made to the vehicle. Some turbo models will require use of a stand alone boost control system. Contact us for further details.

What vehicles is this service available for?

Nistune is available for a wide range of Nissan vehicles, including:

  • 180sx/200sx/Silvia S13-S15 (CA18DE/T & Sr20DE/T)
  • Pulsar/Sentra (GA15DE/SR18/SR20DE/T)
  • Cefiro A31/Skyline R31/R32/R34 (RB20DE/T, RB25DE/T, RB26DETT)

If your vehicle is not on this list, chances are we can still help to improve the performance of your car. Some models such as the Skyline R33 and SR16VE/SR20VE powered vehicles can be fitted with an ECU from another Nissan vehicle with a similar wiring system, and adapted to suit. Alternately, an aftermarket ECU like a Link can be used for full tunability. You can contact us to discuss your options.


What is the cost of this upgrade package?

We run a very simple cost structure for Nistune and PBMS tune packages:

  • PBMS Tune Package only $1359 inc GST
  • Nistune board and installation $499 inc GST
  • PBMS Tune Package and Nistune board installation (Drive in/out) $1699 inc GST

How can I book?

Get in contact with us to book! Click here for our contact info.

How can I pay?

Check out ways to pay.


What are the limitations of Nistune?

Nistune is a great option for standard, mild and moderately modified road vehicles. It is designed to use factory Nisan sensors, so these must be in good usable condition. PBMS recommend upgrading to modern aftermarket engine management for high power (300kw+) or motorsport use.

Is there anything else I need to consider when thinking about an upgrade package like this?

Good question! There are quite a few things to consider, so lets go over the most common.

  1. Is your maintenance up to date? It’s important your maintenance is kept up to date to look after the engine and reduce issues on the dyno. PBMS can help with all servicing needs.
  2. Will it effect any vehicle warranty or insurance policy you have? Please check this with your policy providers prior to making a booking.
  3. Is your engine (and vehicle as a whole) in good, usable condition? To get the most out of your vehicle, in a safe and reliable manner; the whole car needs to be in good working order. If you need anything attended to, the PBMS team are more than happy to help.
  4. Is your fuel pump up to the task? We often find that an ageing fuel pump doesn’t perform well enough to provide fuelling for a standard power level, let alone for more power. Ask the PBMS take about this when making a booking.
  5. Is your air flow meter large enough to support the power level you’re after? The factory air flow meter is good for factory power, however more power means more air into the engine. This can require a larger air flow meter. You can contact us to discuss your options.
  6. Are your injectors large enough to support the power level you’re after? Like the air flow meter, bigger injectors are often needed to support higher power levels. You can contact us to discuss your options.
  7. Do you have a suitable bung in your exhaust to fit an O2 sensor for tuning? To accurately tune any car, we need to monitor the air/fuel ratio of exhaust gases. You can contact us for any further information on this.
  8. Once you have more power, do your suspension and brakes need to be improved? ‘Power is nothing without control’, so you may want to improve the handling and braking capacity of our vehicle to match the new found power. You can contact us to discuss upgraded brake and suspension options.
  9. Tyres? In the same vein as suspension and brakes, it’s important for a safe vehicle to have quality tyres for good control. Additionally, a vehicle must have safe tyres for PBMS to run your vehicle on our dyno, and complete a post-tune test drive.
  10. Are you going to use the vehicle for Motorsport or at a racetrack? This will alter the way we tune and prepare the vehicle, and may also prompt further recommendations for safety and reliability. Please let the PBMS team know when making your booking.

What if I ever want to return it back to standard?

Super easy – we can load the factory tune back into the ECU if required.