Possum Bourne Motorsport offer a range of Dyno and Tuning related services

Dyno Power Run - $149

Ideal to give you a base power figure before modifications are performed.

  • 3x Dyno Power Runs
  • Dyno Power Print out


Dyno Assessment Run - $219

Ideal to give you an accurate assessment of the performance, safety and quality of your current EFI system and tune.

  • 3x Dyno Power Runs
  • Dyno Power Print out
  • Knock monitoring
  • Manifold pressure monitoring
  • Air/Fuel Ratio monitoring
  • Assessment of engine performance


PBMS Tune Package  - $1359

Using the knowledge and processes developed from over 20 years calibrating after market and OEM ECUs, PBMS have used experience to come up with a 9-step tuning process. This is a thorough process that gives us the edge over competitors, ensuring we find common engine issues prior the car in our pre-tune inspection, and following through with a seamless tune. See what sets us apart from other tuners click here.

  • Pre-tune inspection
  • Custom tune to suit your specific engine and requirements
  • Dyno Power Print out (with before and after when available)
  • PBMS 9-step tuning process


Additional Tune features

On capable ECUs we can offer setup and calibration of motorsport and additional features such as Anti-lag, Launch Control, Flat foot shifting, Traction control and more. Please note that these features may require additional hardware upgrades which are not included in the below pricing.

  • Anti-lag Setup and Calibration - $149
  • Launch Control Setup and Calibration - $149
  • Flat foot shifting - $149
  • Cyclic Idle - Included in a PBMS tune package
  • Traction control - Inquire within
  • Datalogging setup and track support - Inquire within
  • Touch up tuning - $225/Hour


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