Why use the best brake fluid available?


Why use the best brake fluid available?

There’s a lot to know about brake technology, so we’ve got our good friend Mike from ProSport Auto on hand to delve into the subject. Mike is an expert in the field and has been designing and distributing premium brake componentry for over 5 years.

First and foremost

The majority of passing in Motorsport is done under brakes, and having the confidence to do so is critical for winning races.

ENDLESS RF650 Racing Brake Fluid

It’s among the best in the world, and we don’t just say that willy-nilly. Used at every top level of motorsport on the Planet (from Formula One to WRC and the Nürburgring 24 Hour) RF650 is the top global choice of brake fluid, because of the confidence it inspires through extreme performance and dependability under the heaviest mechanical and physical conditions.

We’re talking hundreds of degrees here.

Don’t be fooled by companies saying that “our fluid has the highest boiling point so it must be the best”. The key here is to examine the consistency and the degradation at extreme temperatures and pressures.

Manufactured in Japan and neatly packaged in a metal container, it’s not your normal “no-frills” product. ENDLESS RF650 is rated to a minimum dry boiling point of 323ºC (stated on the bottle), but has been lab tested to have an actual dry boiling point of 328ºC.

As there is no standardised industry testing for racing brake fluids, apart from actual results you’re really only going off what the manufacturer ‘tells’ you.

Just like any other brake fluid, RF650 will eventually degrade over time through heat and pressure cycling. We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes with a yarn that promises otherwise. In reality, this is no different to engine or gearbox oil which needs replacing after a hard weekends racing.

Other fluids deteriorate sooner and require more maintenance. This can be seen when you bleed brakes and the fluid coming out is a “burnt” looking orange or black colour. This will happen through normal racing use, even when you’re not at the limit or temperature threshold of the brake fluid.

Trust in your brakes

What we can promise you though is that ENDLESS RF650 remains stable and consistent through extreme conditions with very little change to performance over its lifetime. This increases it’s service life and reduces the overall maintenance cost, resulting in a better value for money product.

What do Possum Bourne Motorsport use?

In the last 5 years, we have shifted all of our motorsport customers to ENDLESS RF650.

As a race team that’s been around since the 1980’s you can bet that we’ve tried many products to get the best result. Brake pads, discs and fluid are no different and as they play such an important part in safety, let alone performance. We take this area very seriously.


Thanks to Mike from ProSport Auto for giving us his advice on brake fluid.

About the author, Julius

Julius provides technical support and expertise to Possum Bourne Motorsport. He's been involved with the industry since 2009 and has stamped his mark as an industry leader.

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