Classic R32 GTR


When a something special rolls through the doors, the whole PBMS team crowds around to take a look. This 1993 manufactured GTR is an example of just that.


As it stands, the R32 is already a classic. With less than 65,000km on the clock and being in near-new condition, this one takes it to another level.

Looking around the car, the only obvious addition is a Nismo turbo-back exhaust system and a set of tastefully simple wheels. Pop the hood, and it keeps the same ‘mint and lightly enhanced’ style, with an immaculate engine bay featuring only a Blitz intake kit.

The Plan

Possum Bourne Motorsport were tasked with keeping the car as original as possible and maintain reliability, whilst significantly improving performance. Wanting to keep this simple, a Nistune ECU and PBMS tune package were selected for the recipe. A small boost increase would be required to get the most out of the setup, however the stock ceramic turbine wheels of the R32 GTR are prone to failure when increased heavily. To maintain reliability a target of 13-14psi was set. Repair and modification of the factory boost control system achieved 14psi of peak, tapering to 13psi in the top end.

Engine Modifications (pre-PBMS work)

  • Blitz intake kit
  • Nismo turbo back exhaust

Pre-dyno peak power 178kw (at the wheels)


PBMS enhancements

Nistune GTR R32


The PBMS team hoped for a result that was ‘like factory, but better’ in every way! The outcome was even better than hoped for. Peak power improved from 178kw to 239kw at the wheels, with a very solid (and smooth) increase in power through the entire rev-range. That’s a whopping increase of 35%!


After a follow up, this customer was very enthused about the undercover modifications that made a significant improvement in power and vehicle drivability. Way to make a classic even better!

About the author, Julius

Julius provides technical support and expertise to Possum Bourne Motorsport. He's been involved with the industry since 2009 and has stamped his mark as an industry leader.

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